If you are not located in Austin or any of the surrounding areas then let’s whisk away for an adventure we won’t forget! 

My preference is to travel independently and meet you in the city that we will be spending time together in.

If we are spending longer than 24 hours together, I request a minimum of two hours alone time each day for rest and reinvigoration. I would enjoy cuddling alongside you during our travels, however I may request a separate room if you find yourself to be an active or loud sleeper. Lastly, I request a minimum of 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep per night we are together. No one wants a grumpy travel mate in the morning!


6 Hours 2500

8 Hours 3000

12 Hours 3500

24 Hours 4000

48 Hours 6000

Cost of airfare is included, lodging is not.

Please note that a 50% deposit is required to confirm our date in my calendar, at which point I will book my travel. The remaining %50 is due once I have landed in your arms.


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